Sandals are becoming more and more of a competitor to famous killer heels nowadays. Sandals are elegant, often just a little more comfortable, and are great for summer’s days: they give you that authentic summer vibe straight away! We have sandals in different colours and styles, from classic to modern, from shiny silver to matte white. Our sandals also have embellishments, such as models with cute little bows, as well as models with flowers on the buckles, for example. Search now. We are confident you will find your perfect shoes!

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Yill Ivory Satin/ Silver Fine Glitter Yill Ivory Satin/ Silver Fine Glitter

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Yill Ivory Satin/ Silver Fine Glitter
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With or without heels, the choice is yours!

Our collection includes sandals with or without heels. Sandals were previously regarded as a little clumsy, but they are now ultra-hip! Sandals are perfect for summer’s days and warm evenings. They look stunning with a pretty dress or nice skirt, for example.

Sandals as bridal shoes

Sandals as bridal shoes? Yes, certainly! Sandals are not just for summer city trips, because sandals make perfect wedding shoes. Say you are planning a summer wedding on the beach, for example. Then walking on the sand in heels is not very practical, so sandals are a perfect choice! Comfortable, yet elegant.