Gaining inspiration for a wedding is loads of fun, but very time consuming. Unsure which wedding shoes to choose? Or what look suits you best? We can help you! You will find plenty of inspiration on this page, absolutely ideal for the genuine doubters amongst us. Who knows, you may see a picture here that suddenly helps you decide exactly what you want! Or conversely, what you do not want, because that is important too!


You said yes! So now it's really starting. Whether it's the wedding shoes you want or the style you're going for, our inspiration page will certainly come in handy when planning your big day.


Do you always get inspired by the looks of others? This inspiration page shows all the looks of other women with our gems. Use the hashtag #myshoestories and your photo could be featured here soon.


Looking for the latest shoe fashion trends? Then you should definitely take a look at this inspiration page. We ensure that no fashion shoe trend goes unnoticed.


Do you have a party with the dress code casual chic, all in white or with a touch of gold? We are happy to inspire you! Here you'll find exactly which shoe fits which theme!