High heels

High heels are the shoes with which us women have the greatest love-hate relationship. They always look stunning, because they give you extra-long legs! On the other hand, they often cause sore feet and discomfort, which makes you a little less fond of your stunning high heels. Fortunately, you need not worry about that with our models, because wearing them is like walking on air. We have the most stunning models for you, so view them now.

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Salma Pure White Satin Salma Pure White Satin

Rainbow Club

Salma Pure White Satin
As low as €124.95
Bridal shoe Kelis Pure White Satin/Silver F. Glitter
Kelis Pure White Satin/Silver F. Glitter

Rainbow Club

Kelis Pure White Satin/Silver F. Glitter
As low as €49.95
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Feminine touch

Many women feel exceptionally feminine in a beautiful pair of high heels. Your legs look longer, so you literally feel on top of the world! You can combine high heels with dresses or skirts, but they also look perfect with trendy mom jeans. Would you like to give your outfit an extra feminine touch? Then view our collection of high heels now.

Getting married in high heels

Some women cringe at the idea, but our high heels look stunning with a bridal gown. Thanks to the excellent quality of our bridal shoes, there is little chance of sore feet and you can keep going the whole day! High heels with glitter, bows, or romantic straps: we have it all. Find your perfect wedding shoes now!