Whereas the clutch was previously only seen on the red carpet, they have been totally happening throughout the fashion world for a number of years. We are huge fans, because clutches are ideal for weddings. You don’t really want to take along a bag, but you want your important items close to hand. The clutch is your guardian angel: everything fits inside and you still look glamorous!

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Small but perfect

Clutches are small bags you can carry with you easily. They are incredibly stylish and suitable for festive occasions, such as parties or weddings. Large bags are not really appropriate for such events, but it is handy if you can carry a few small items with you. Your phone, your lipstick and a little mirror to check your make-up can fit inside easily. Long live the clutch!

Festive models

Our range includes various clutches embellished with festive glitter or stylish satin. Our clutches match many of our beautiful shoes, so can coordinate your outfit perfectly. Imagine, a beautiful pair of bridal shoes combined with one of the festive clutches. Picture perfect!